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01/8/2016 IWF Repository Is Closed

For full details see: IWF Repository Is Deprecated – ‘Why?’ and ‘What Should You Do Now?’


12/7/2016 iWillFolo – What’s Going On?

I’m not sure if anyone reads this, but in case someone do, here’s what’s happening with iWillFolo currently:

As of late, the site has been through a huge overhaul, namely, I’ve wiped the server entirely and rebuilt from scratch (because of misbehavior).

Apart from the 3 days of down time though, a visitor wouldn’t probably be able to tell the difference.

Now, along the way of doing so, it’s came to my attention that there are many issues ‘under the hood’ needs / should be taken care of.

One such issue for example, is IWF repository. Unknowingly, many of your Kodi software are flooding the site checking for updates every minute / 10 minutes or so.

Not all you guys Kodis are doing so, but enough to get the server on edge. So this is certainly ranked high on my priority list to fix.

Other than that, since I already got my hands dirty with rebuilds and overhauls, I believe this would also be a good time to refurbish the site framework itself, making it faster and more responsive for you guys to enjoy and have better experience.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you’ll see a totally different layout suddenly.

Besides the 2 huge tasks mentioned above, there are of course plenty of other, less noticeable and urgent, tasks needs be done, so even if you aren’t seeing any immediate visual change, be sure that there’s plenty going on behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, this also means my hands would be very busy coding and less available for posting. So unless anyone else likes to volunteer some interesting open source posts, it’s likely to be pretty quiet around here for little while (not too long though, I assure you).


05/7/2016 Important Notice To Kodi Users

Due to various reasons, iwf repository is currently disabled until further notice.

All addons included in the repository remain available on the site, each under its relevant page, so you can download directly using your web-browser.

21/5/2016 iWillFolo Attacked!

Last week, on May 12, 4:39 AM, iWillFolo has been infiltrated by a hacker who implemented a malicious software which purpose, so it seems, was to clog iWillFolo from legitimate human visits.

The attacker’s program used a sophisticated algorithm which disguised itself and made it hard to detect.

Furthermore, the attacker used a server located in Hong kong (IP address: in order to carry the attack.

As of current, the attack has been repelled. The malicious program, named – 2016ttfacai, has been removed and reported. Further implications are currently being investigated.

Rest easy, iWillFolo hosts no personal information and no data of value, which isn’t shared publicly, can be / has been taken.

The breach which used the attacker has also been sealed and along it were made a few updates and improvements to site security and performance.

Sorry for any inconvenience the incident may have caused.