Site Updates

29/09/2015 Site Down Update:

As you may have noticed, was down for about 22 hours in the past day due to webhost issues.

Fortunately, problems have been sorted out now, and hopefully iWillFolo site will keep serving you the best way possible now on.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any troubles you may have experienced, or in case your email haven’t been replied (I’ve been drowning in them and in sorting out the host mess).

20/07/15 update:

Back to focusing on content, articles are on their way :-)

09/07/15 update:

Currently focusing on fine-tuning backend code and improving front-end layout.

07/07/15 Update:

In order to deal with the uncertainty that may arise regarding iWillFolo’s status, especially in times when new posts are being scarcely posted, i.e. whether the site is still active and the like. This page shall be the means to communicate what kind of activity is IWF being worked upon at the time being.

Instead of posting dedicated update-posts which eventually get scattered all over the website and, as the last time proven, are not always reaching its target audience. This page will concentrate all of the updates, activities and notifications regarding IWF in one, more accessible and convenient place to read them.

28/06/15 Called To The Flag:

Over the course of the next few days (hopefully not longer) I won’t be able to respond to any comments, emails, or other messages directed at me, since I’ll be serving in my country’s army reserves.

Please accept my sincere apology in advance…