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Provider: ransomed, mKo, relyter, Malthus

Type: other

Version: 5.0.2

Views: 144

Revolve is a skin centered around revolution.


revolve is a skin centered around revolution (menus, lists and views rotate and spin). revolve is not designed for mouse- or touch-control. concept and graphics by ransomed, additional graphics by malthus / skin by ransomed, mko, relyter, and malthus. foundation (skin) by hitcher, and textures courtesy of jezz_x.

Additional Information

Repositories: Kodi Add-on repository

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Platform: all

Depends On:

xbmc.gui (>= 5.12.0)

script.revolve.service (>= 1.1.2) (>= 2.0.12)

script.favourites (>= 7.1.1)

script.globalsearch (>= 5.0.0)

script.grab.fanart (>= 0.14.1)

script.rss.editor (>= 2.0.4) (>= 6.0.12) (>= 0.0.6)

service.scrobbler.lastfm (>= 0.0.4) (>= 0.0.29)

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How To Install

In order to install revolve you may use one of the repositories mentioned under Additional Information > Repositories section above. Or, simply download the addon directly (if such option is present).

To install from a repository

  1. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
  2. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
  3. Select Install from repository.
  4. Select the repository you wish to install from.
  5. Select the addon type, e.g. Video add-ons.
  6. Select revolve.
  7. Click Install.