How To Install ‘ADDON INSTALLER’ By TVaddons – A App Store Like Kodi Addon

Updated Mar 25, 2017Addons
Addon Installer (TVaddons)

How To Use AI?

To use AI, simply navigate from Kodi’s home-screen into PROGRAMS >> Addon Installer.

Kodi: programs

Kodi’s programs section

Kodi programs - Addon Installer

Kodi programs – Addon Installer

Inside there you’ll see the primary categories AI is divided into, so that for instance, if wish to look for / install an addon that appeals to a specific country user-base – select World Section and browse the addons inside.

Kodi programs - Addon Installer's categories

Kodi programs – Addon Installer’s categories.

Follow the same logic rules according to the kind of addon you’re looking for.

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