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How To Install SportsDevil on Kodi 17 And Above Versions (Complete Guide)

SportsDevil is the oldest and most extensive sports add-on for Kodi that is still being regularly updated.

Updated Jul 23, 2017Addons

Note: SportsDevil guide is now maintained HERE, all the below content is outdated and won’t be updated / maintained.

As an old yet highly popular add-on, although the original developer seems to have forsaken it, many others have taken upon themselves to maintain the venerable add-on, thanks to the nature of open source.

Nowadays therefore, Kodi users who’d like to install SportsDevil have 3 different unique ways to do so:

Each of these methods offer a slightly different user experience yet the eventual outcome is the same – you’ll get SportsDevil installed on your Kodi. So just pick the one you like best, no need to use all three.

Install SportsDevil by Downloading its Zip Directly

1. Download SportsDevil zip file:

Download zip file

2. Open up your Kodi and go into “Add-ons” (select it from the main sidebar) then click the opened box icon to the top of the sidebar -> select “Install from zip file”.

Note: if you’re getting a message that you need to enable “Unknown sources” and you’re not sure what to do see: This Is How You Do It On “Krypton” step 4.

Kodi's opened box icon takes you to add-ons manipulation screen

Kodi’s opened box icon takes you to add-ons manipulation screen

Install from zip file entry in Kodi's Estuary skin

Install from zip file entry in Kodi’s Estuary skin

After clicking “Install from zip…”, navigate to the location on your file system where you’ve saved the zip file and click on it to install.

That’s it, return to the main add-ons screen and you’ll find SportsDevil waiting for you inside “Video add-ons”.

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Guest 5 mons ago
None of the games are playing on mine 
JBook 5 mons ago
After doing exactly what is shown.i keep getting no stream available or web request failed. Please I'm looking for any help to install SD. Is it because SD is down or lastest version is not working which is 2017.03.28

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