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TMDb TV Shows

Provider: Team Kodi

Type: other

Version: 1.3.0

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Fetch TV Show metadata from themoviedb.org


The Movie Database (TMDb) is a community built movie and TV database. Every piece of data has been added by our amazing community dating back to 2008. TMDb's strong international focus and breadth of data is largely unmatched and something we're incredibly proud of. Put simply, we live and breathe community and that's precisely what makes us different.

How To Install

To install TMDb TV Shows you may use one of the repositories mentioned under Additional Information > Repositories section below. Or, simply download the addon directly (if such option is present).

To install from a repository (first make sure you have the repository installed)

  1. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
  2. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
  3. Select Install from repository.
  4. Select the repository you wish to install from.
  5. Select other.
  6. Select TMDb TV Shows.
  7. Click Install.

Additional Information

Updated: October 16, 2020

Repositories: Kodi Add-on repository [Matrix]

Platform: all

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

Depends On:

xbmc python (>= 3.0.0)

xbmc.metadata (>= 2.1.0)

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