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Provider: Team Kodi

Type: video

Version: 2.5.0

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BioGenesis screensaver

Addon Description

An implementation of John Conway's famous "Game of Life" with 3 custom coloring rules. A few basic rules govern which cells will live in the next generation depending on the cells current state and the number of its live neighbors. Screenshots don't do this much justice as the motion of the system bordering between stability and chaos is what looks interesting. Features: - 3 custom coloring rules are implemented each yielding interesting results. - Colony coloring color cells depending on the color of its 'parent' cells. - Lifetime coloring colors a cell depending on how long its been alive. - Neighbor coloring a cell depending on the configuration of its neighbors. - Many parameters are configurable in the settings.

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How To Install

To install BioGenesis directly from zip file

  1. Download the addon.
  2. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
  3. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
  4. Select Install from zip file.
    • If this is the first addon you install, Kodi will warn you about installing addons from "unknown sources" for security reasons - it's your call.
    • In any case, Kodi will warn you, you may not get auto-updates for this addon.
  5. Navigate into the location where you've downloaded the addon to and select it to Install.

* An alternative method to install BioGenesis from a repository can be found here. Repository information can be found below.

Additional Information

Updated: April 19, 2021

In Repositories:

Kodi Add-on repository [Matrix]

Platform: android-aarch64,android-armv7,windows-i686,osx-x86_64,windows-x86_64

License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Depends On:

kodi.binary.global.main (>= 1.3.0)

kodi.binary.global.gui (>= 5.15.0)

kodi.binary.global.filesystem (>= 1.1.6)

kodi.binary.instance.screensaver (>= 2.1.0)

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