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Up Next

Provider: im85288

Type: other

Version: 1.1.5+matrix.1

Views: 228

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Propose to play the next episode automatically

Addon Description

A service add-on that shows a Netflix-style notification for watching the next episode. After a few automatic iterations it asks the user if he is still there watching. A lot of existing add-ons already integrate with this service out-of-the-box.

Addon News

v1.1.5 (2021-02-21) - Fix playlists to work with non-library content - Fix to prevent unwanted playback when using playlist queueing method - New translation for Finnish v1.1.4 (2020-12-03) - Fix problem causing pop-up to not appear - Translation updates to Romanian, Russian and Spanish v1.1.3 (2020-10-14) - Enable customPlayTime by default - Do not seek to the end before playing next episode - Add Kodi v17 compatibility - Fix logging on Kodi v19 (Matrix) after recent breakage - Enqueue the next episode in the playlist - Translation updates to German v1.1.2 (2020-06-22) - Bug fix for change from sleep to waitForAbort using seconds and not ms - Translation updates to Japanese and Korean v1.1.1 (2020-06-21) - Avoid conflict with external players - Restore "Ignore Playlist" option - Fix a known Kodi bug related to displaying hours - Improvements to endtime visualization - New translations for Hindi and Romanian - Translation updates to Hungarian and Spanish v1.1.0 (2020-01-17) - Add notification_offset for Netflix add-on - Fix various runtime exceptions - Implement new settings - Implement new developer mode - Show current time and next endtime in notification - New translations for Brazilian, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Korean - New translations for Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish - Translation updates to Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish

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How To Install

To install Up Next directly from zip file

  1. Download the addon.
  2. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
    addon install - Add-ons
  3. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
    addon install - openbox
  4. Select Install from zip file.
    • If this is the first addon you install, Kodi will warn you about installing addons from "unknown sources" for security reasons - it's your call.
    • In any case, Kodi will warn you, you may not get auto-updates for this addon.
  5. Navigate into the location where you've downloaded the addon to and select it to Install.

* Repository information can be found below.
** An alternative method to install Up Next from a repository can be found here.

Additional Information

Updated: April 15, 2021

In Repositories:

Platform: all

License: GPL-2.0-only

Depends On:

xbmc.python (>= 2.25.0)

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