Estuary MOD V2 (KODI 18)

Estuary MOD V2 (KODI 18)

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Estuary MOD V2 skin by Guilouz


For better experience, be sure to install all addons required by the theme.


Estuary MOD V2 is a mod from Estuary by Guilouz for Kodi 18. It attempts to be easy for first time Kodi users to understand and use.


3.0.6 • Keyboard layout fixes • Fix for web-dl flag icon with movies have 'web' word in their names 3.0.5 • Add number of bits per sample on music OSD • Add Russian translation by salashnik • Add Czech translation by Pavuucek • Add Spanish translation by notorius28 • Display seekbar on showtime action • Improve detection of audio CDs using an infobool • Fix Holidays themes • Minor fixes 3.0.4 • KODI 18 : Bump target GUI API to 5.14.0 • KODI 18 : Add GUI for Radio Data System (RDS) • Add support for 'Next Up' addon by im85288 • Add 8K flag icon • Add Rip audio-cd from 'Disc' on home menu • Add Hebrew and Armenian typefaces to the fonts • Video OSD and Music OSD enhancements/fixes • Minor fixes 3.0.3 • KODI 18 : Video OSD - Hide 'Previous' button for non-seekable streams • KODI 18 : Game - Add controller description • KODI 18 : Game - Add 'Get all' button to controller dialog • KODI 18 : Game OSD - Show help dialog on first view • KODI 18 : Game OSD - Finish renaming 'View mode' to 'Stretch mode' • KODI 18 : Game OSD - Extend help dialog to explain lack of remote support • Add 'HDTV', 'VHS' and 'HDDVD' flag icons • Fix condition for focus on the stop button • Minor fixes 3.0.2 KODI 18 : • Add 'sorty by' and 'sort order' for epg grid channels • Add 'mp3float' flag icon • Fix TV Shows ratings in some views • Minor fixes 3.0.1 • Add support for CoreELEC settings addon • Add DefaultMusicSources icon • Game : Update available views • Game OSD : Rename 'View mode' setting label to 'Stretch mode' • Game OSD : Rename 'Input settings' setting label to 'Controls' • Fix lists on dialog video info • Fix some textures • Fix keyboard navigation • Minor fixes 3.0.0 • KODI 18 : Add 'Advanced settings' button to settings list for Game OSD • KODI 18 : Add video rotation setting for Game OSD • Add new video info dialog (Thanks to jurialmunkey and VikkiXavier) • Add new music info dialog • Add new extended info dialog • Add new text viewer window • Add setting to disable fullscreen video info for movies and TV shows • Remove music themes feature which caused crashes • Minor fixes 2.9.9 • KODI 18 : Allow user to select resolutions • Add video fps flag icon on OSD • Changes in playing trailers on video info (Thanks to jurialmunkey) • Fix music themes with video addons • Minor fixes 2.9.8 • KODI 18 : Audio DSP removal • Add support for music themes for movies and TV shows (theme.mp3 files) (Thanks to manfeed) • Minor fixes 2.9.7 • KODI 18 : Add PVR Timeshift Offset • KODI 18 : Add Epg Event Seek Time • KODI 18 : Introduced control 402 for epg event seek percentage • Enable 'Wall (thumbnails)' and 'InfoWall (thumbnails)' views for artists • Improvements • Fix forced views (thanks to hawkeyexp) • Minor fixes 2.9.6 • KODI 18 : Use subtitle setting osd instead of custom dialog • Add possibility to disable default splash screen • Improvements • Minor fixes 2.9.5 • KODI 18 : RetroPlayer: Disable reset hotkey • Add default splash screen • Add new Icon and Fanart • Add icon for font addons • Add original title on video info • Remove possibility to edit power menu to avoid some crash • Improvement 2.9.4 • Add scope mode for constant image height (CIH) setup (OSD only)...

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How To Install

Direct installation

Via Repository

Via Directory

  1. Download the addon.
  2. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
    addon install - Add-ons
  3. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
    addon install - openbox
  4. Select Install from zip file.
    • If this is the first addon you install, Kodi will warn you about installing addons from "unknown sources" for security reasons - it's your call.
    • In any case, Kodi will warn you, you may not get auto-updates for this addon.
  5. Navigate into the location where you've downloaded the addon to and select it to Install.

    For a full installation guide please click here.

    Additional Information

    Updated: June 07, 2021

    In Repositories:

    Platform: all

    Alternative Sources:

    License: CC BY-SA 4.0, GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.0

    Depends On:

    xbmc.gui (>= 5.14.0)

    Skin Shortcuts (>= 0.6.5)

    Skin Helper Service (>= 1.0.0)

    Skin Helper Service Widgets (>= 1.0.0)

    Image Resource Select Addon (>= 1.0.0)

    Recommended Addons