Fix kodi error one or more items failed to play

Quick Fix: Kodi – “One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details.”

Updated 3 Jan, 2016

Error: “One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details.” isn’t necessarily requires you being a developer in order to fix it, see how you may too be able to fix it with just a simple file editing.

It’s one of the most common errors you may encounter on Kodi / XBMC, and I assume that if you’re here then you probably already have. :(

However, as it turns out, this error can sometimes be solved by just a quick file editing which doesn’t require much developer skills in order to accomplish.

Now, the reason I keep repeating the words ‘may’ and ‘can’ is not because I don’t believe you can pull it off but for the causes of this error are varied, and so, the following fix may not always work. Yet it wouldn’t hurt to try though, right?

Note: the following fix should work in cases where the item you’re trying to play requires a timeout of up to 20 seconds which without it the stream will suffer a disconnection before the item actually starts to play.

here’s what you need to do:

The Fix

Go inside Kodi’s userdata folder, its location will vary according to your platform –

Operating system File/Folder Paths
Android  Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/
iOS/ATV2 /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/
Linux ~/.kodi/userdata/
Mac OS X /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/
Windows Start – type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata – press <Enter>
Special protocol /storage/.kodi/userdata/

* In older versions of the software (before v14) the kodi directories were named xbmc.

Create a text file and name it “advancedsettings.xml” (without the quotes).

Copy paste the following content into that file and save it (inside the userdata folder):


advanced-settings xbmc

Of course, if you like, you may increase or decrease the value (20) according to your own needs, though in general, it’s safe to stay with 20 (which should actually be the default).


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Punit Ware 4 mons ago
I am trying to watch catch up channel on desi rulz. i am able to play all channel on desi rulez except 2 which i watch most in the past. Now when i try to watch I am facing similar problem on Windows 10. Applied suggested solution by typing below in note pad and saved as .xml and copied to user data path. But unfortunately did not work. Any suggestion how to fix. happy to send log file. but not sure how to send on this group
Andrew 6 mons ago
Hi am new to fire TV I keep getting processing failed check source URL how do I fix this and where do I go to fix this
Cynthia 6 mons ago
After updating kodi, I notice the programs, systems are black - nothing there anymore. What can I do? How do I update?
Gayle Louise Stephen 7 mons ago
My stream engine app has suddenly stopped working. Every time I try to use the YouTube search section the screen goes blank. How do I fix this?
Jo 7 mons ago
Hi, I'm trying to do this on fire stick using Es explorer but I can't copy & paste the text. How do I put the text on 3 different lines? I don't understand the line termination
C.k. Foo 8 mons ago
I really need your advice. I am using MINI- XBC box attached to my TV with a wireless keyboard to watch movies via Kodi ver 16(Javis). I am new in this. Can you please teach me : a. How to get into Kodi's user data folder. I can't find it. b. How do I write a text file for .xml c. What program can I use to put that file In the relevant folder. OR do I need to hook my XBC box to laptop. Thank you so much. Francis
c. 8 mons ago
Android workaround: Press the Home button (*) to open the main Android screen while Kodi still working in the background, then go to Settings and disable wifi and/or Ethernet. Go back to Kodi and there will be the 'Playback failed - One of more items failed to play' message. That will end the 'working loop'. Now go back to Android settings and reenable the wifi and/or Ethernet and then reenter the Kodi. (*) I am using Button Savior (non root) to enable the softkeys so I can click the Home button.
Paul Clarke 9 mons ago
My Canada on demand addon does not work. Every time I try to play a channel, it says "Canada on demand error. Check log for info". I am new to this and need help. Please.
Alexandros Chatzistamatiou 10 mons ago
Didn't do anything at all!
Jimbo213Mo 10 mons ago
I already had a file “advancedsettings.xml” It contained .... ........true ........true ........true .... ....20 --- so I added this one Was that right?
Faraja 10 mons ago Jimbo213Mo
I increased the playlist timeout to 50 and the error went away
Annie Lam 10 mons ago
can someone tell me how to insert this file for a fire tv stick. Thanks.
Liron 10 mons ago Annie Lam
Hi @disqus_qyjT9fWO56:disqus , I don't own a Fire TV stick, however, maybe you could use "Total Commander" app in order to accomplish that.. Regards, Liron
Annie 10 mons ago Liron
Thank you! I will try.
Mrbback 11 mons ago
I figured out how to edit within Firestick without having to disconnect from the TV through the Maintenance Tool
Phil T. Rich ♕d-_-b♚ 11 mons ago Mrbback
Tiffany B 11 mons ago Mrbback
Can you tell me how you did this please
Annie Lam 10 mons ago Mrbback
Can you show the step you took so I can fix the error. Thanks
Elias 8 mons ago Mrbback
Please help everyone else with the same problem here and let us know how you did this :) Would be great! Thank you :)
Andy Feb '16
Click on Start then type cmd to open command prompt. Then type the following at the command line notepad advancedsettings.xml now enter the following information in the notepad editor 20 Good luck
Rach Feb '16
I'm having the same problem Susan, how did you type the file in the end?
Susan Owens Jan '16
Forgive me for asking such a stupid question but I am trying to do this on my TV. How do I type the text? I don't have any sort of program that will allow me to type the text.
Matt Stier Jan '16 Susan Owens
I need to know this also. I used the "easy advanced settings," app that I found in "programs" I changed the setting from disabled to 20 The setting turned green from red But I still get the error It shows the error splash screen but behind it the video is playing clearly. If I exit out of the splash screen it causes the video to exit back to the previous list. Annoying
Michael Priest Jan '16
Hi I'm not tech minded so can someone give me a guide how to do this please
Misb3havin Dec '15
worked for me. you have to use a program for a html editor.
mandooo2 Dec '15
worked for me Used easy advanced settings to write the xml
KevinM Nov '15
Didn't work for me
Sambat2010 . Sep '15
In Android I get to the files directory and there is no .Kodi directory, nothing, it's empty. Help.
WeekBuild Sep '15 Sambat2010 .
It is hidden. You will have to enable "show hidden files" or equivalent in file browser settings to see .kodi folder. Normally a file browser with root privilege should be able to list .kodi.
Raul Santiago May '15
dont work