About IWF1

IWF1 is a website inspired by the great Free and Open Source communities and technologies.

The site’s main goal is to motivate sharing and using of free and open source ideas and tools, thus promoting both ecosystems which in many cases intersect i.e. many Free programs are also Open Sourced and vice versa.

About Me

Hi, my name is Liron, I’m the founder of IWF1 (formerly: iWillFolo).

Once an outstanding combat soldier of my country, I’ve since managed to skip a few jobs (more than you can count on one hand) and also get into my university’s dean’s list while doing my B.A. in Economics.

At some point I realized that the thing I’m mainly passionate about is actually technology, particularly – Free & Open Source. So I’ve¬†taught myself the arts (using some great online resources) and set myself a goal of making it my profession.

Today I’m focusing most of my efforts in turning IWF1 into a successful website and a medium to get more people acquainted with the Free & Open Source tools available at their fingertips.


Please read the Contact page prior to making contact in order to avoid any misunderstandings or false expectations.

Contact via:

Filling out a Contact form.


Email me at: IWF1.