Site Policies

Privacy Policy

IWF1 cares about Your Privacy. This policy outlines the information collected from you — and what is done with it.

As a rule of thumb, IWF1 does not collect any personally-identifying information.

Third party applications, featured on the site however, such as social media or ad managers, may indeed collect and use information provided by you or your Web platform (e.g. Web browser, Web viewer, etc…);

  1. It is onus on these applications to inform you regarding their code of conduct and abide by the laws applied to them.
  2. iWF1 is doing what it can to inform you regarding any such matters and also is and always will actively avoid any application that might carry with it a known security vulnerability or hazard – your safety comes first!
  3. Modern Web browsers allow you to choose what type of information you share when you surf the Web. iWF1 encourages you to configure these settings to match your preferences.


IWF1 uses persistent cookies to support a smooth user experience. These cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser and may be used by your browser on subsequent visits to the website.

Links Policy

IWF1 contains both internal and external (leading to another website) links.

By following a lead to an external site, IWF1 cannot ensure the privacy or security of information you provide to the linked site.

When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in IWF1 earning a commission.