The following will guide you through the best way of contacting IWF1, assisting you in focusing your appeal and draw a basic frame around how it can be done effectively.

Reader / Visitor

If you have a suggestion, correction, a tip or request IWF1 is open to hear (or read) it.

Please try to be short and concise as possible, oh and also try to be patient – response may take a while depending on the overall load at the time.

As much as I’d like to, I cannot supply you with individual technical support – it takes resources I currently don’t possess.

So please avoid asking me how to solve individual issues you may currently experience, instead try writing it in the comment section of the relevant article and perhaps get answered by another visitor.

You can make contact either via the social networks – Facebook, Twitter.

Or you can use an automated form developed specifically for that cause.

Email is available as well: IWF1.

Freeware / Open-Source Developer

If you’re an Open Source developer who make your software available to the public for free (i.e freeware).

Or you make payments for the software optional (either by donations or directly buying it) –

IWF1 will be glad to return you in the same currency! Free promotion article: review, tutorial, introduction, etc… The article could be written by you and publish as a guest post crediting you as the author – in this case, please see the principles* below for writing guidelines.

On the other hand, you can have IWF1 writing an article about your product too, in this case, as long as the product is completely free there would be no fee charged for the work, however, keep in mind that IWF1 might have a tight schedule and thus the article may take time to be published. If the product is not free – see businesses contact page.

An article written by IWF1 will do best to shed light on the positive sides of your software while staying authentic and true to reality – constructive criticism is how we build up.

You’re welcome to contact me via:


* The Principles:

When submitting an article to IWF1, there a few guidelines to keep in mind in order for the article to accepted. Basically the article must adhere to the following principles:

  1. Objective – obviously, when promoting a product you’re already naturally biased for it, however, in this sense – objective – means you must stick to facts, spreading misleading information is not allowed.
  2. Informative / practical – articles must hold a certain value to them, otherwise they’ll be a waste of your time as well as readers’ time.
  3. Qualitative – IWF1 prides itself at being a site which strives to deliver only information about things that works, a product which isn’t thoroughly tested / still in development stages will not pass editor’s review.

These principles assure readers will produce the maximum value out of the content and won’t take any personal gripe against it. Therefore they’ll be more inclined to revisit or recommend to friends.