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At its core, IWF1 is a technology website that appeals to anyone who engages in tech activity, whether directly or indirectly.

If you wish to promote your technology thruogh IWF1, here are a few things you should know before making contact.

Article by IWF1

IWF1 may write an article (usually a review) about your product if you like – fee for the work done would then depend on a number of factors such as: the type of product, publishing schedule, outgoing links number, other requirements you may have, etc.

Guest Posts

If you wish to publish a guest post on IWF1, please consider the following as guidelines for writing the article.

– Articles published on IWF1 must adhere to 3 basic principles:

  1. Articles must be objective.
  2. Articles must be informative / practical.
  3. Articles must be qualitative.

* You’ll find clarifications regarding each principle at the bottom of the page.

– A few important clarifications regarding submitted articles:

  • Articles published on IWF1 will remain live as long as the site is live, given of course they comply with the site’s terms and policies, and do not include any malicious code that may have passed undetected.
  • Links may be included without the rel=”nofollow” tag as long as they do not point to malicious / fraudulent content.
  • Also regarding links, “link farm” articles, that is, articles congested with links beyond reasonable practice, simply won’t pass editor’s review – these type of articles only harm both the target site they link to as well as the site they are published on.
  • A published article will include credits and attributes to the original author.
  • A submitted article will be reviewed and published once payment has been made. In case an article fails to pass editor’s review due to incompatibility with the guidelines detailed on this page, the payment is returned to the payer minus a commission rate of up to 10%.

– IWF1 reserves the right to remove any submitted article had it fail to comply with the mentioned principles or terms agreed on beforehand.

Advertising on IWF1

IWF1 accepts both textual and banner ads. Placement according to page-type, category or specific page are possible. Please contact for details.

Note: In all cases, exact fee and final terms would be determined during personal correspondence, after all the requirements have been finalized.

Contact methods:


* Explaining The Principles:

  1. Objective – obviously, when promoting a product you’re already naturally biased for it, however, in this sense – objective – means you must stick to facts, spreading misleading information is not allowed.
  2. Informative / practical – articles must hold a certain value to them, otherwise they’ll be a waste of your time as well as readers’ time.
  3. Qualitative – IWF1 prides itself at being a site which strives to deliver only information about things that works, a product which isn’t thoroughly tested / still in development stages will not pass editor’s review.

These principles assure readers will produce the maximum value out of the content and won’t take any personal gripe against it. Therefore they’ll be more inclined to revisit or recommend to friends.