A new Linux distribution is on the makings: Numix OS

Did you like Numix circle icon-pack? Are you using it right now? Well, just imagine how a complete, fully featured, Linux OS would look like, based on the same icon pack you’ve so grown to love.

Updated Sep 29, 2016News
Numix mockup 1

The Numix project has recently (yesterday) announced that they are now working together with Nitrux S.A. on a new “OPERATING SYSTEM AND DESKTOP SHELL“, and are looking for developers whom they are also willing to pay them for their help.

The newly developed OS would be based upon Gnome Desktop environment, that is to say, you may expect to find the same apps, however the design (look & feel) might be different.  On the desktop-shell side of things, Numix guys says, it would be fairly minimalistic, hence, there wouldn’t be plenty of customization options.

Numix mockup 3

The OS will ship with S.T.E.A.M pre-installed and is supposed to target gamers audience but not only, as mentioned on the announcement:

“- This operating system will come with Steam and games preinstalled, so we will target gamers with it… This however does not mean this will be gamers only operating system and as you can see from the mockups it will be perfectly suitable for any sort of non gaming work too. Think of it as normal distribution only that it is more gaming friendly.”

Beyond that, the Numix team teases that this announcement is not the only card they have up their sleeve, and that there’s another big announcement to be revealed on the upcoming days.

After seeing, another OS emerging from just a mere icon pack set, the expectations are pretty high. What could the Numix team bring to the table that the Linux community and the whole computer world in general, haven’t seen yet? Only time will tell. All we got left to do is wait…

Numix mockup 2

The images on this post are mockups made by the Numix team and are depicting the way Numix OS would look like.

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kratoz29 Mar '14
This distribution looks good.
kamrat Mar '14
Uff, I like the look but releasing another distro? Why not just make a numix DE instead so everyone can install it like KDE etc. Same goes for eOS.. I want to use pantheon but I don't want to install an out-dated Ubuntu version because of it:( still searching for the perfect de
Liron Mar '14 kamrat
I can relate to what you're saying, but when I come to think about it - it make sense, since making a DE would require a team to develop and maintain a common set of softwares which can take a lot of time to initially develop, not to mention the maintenance effort, On the other hand, forking a distro is a lot easier, just pick the tools you like, dress them together the way you want and ship it out - voila! What distro are you using currently (if I may ask)?
kamrat Mar '14 Liron
I had no idea it was easier to fork a distro instead:) well , one can only hope! I have actually been distro hopping for a long time now. I want them all! I THINK i want fully working pantheon/eOS based on arch instead since i have been enjoying both Arch and eOS very much in their own ways. Right now I'm actually running Ubuntu! For some reason unity is the smoothest DE for me (weird). Gnome lags a lot on my poor laptop! What's your prefrrence? Running now? Want to run? Sorry for sloppy text, writing with one hand on phone :)
Liron Mar '14 kamrat
I didn't even noticed any sloppy text :-) Well I really liked using eOS (I used many ppa's to go around its out-datedness), but eventually I found Gnome to be much more suited to my work-flow. So after much time spent and countless of distros hopped, I've now settled with Gentoo (at least for the time being). The reasons for why Gentoo - I've already posted ;-) That said, I don't think Gentoo would suit everyone, mainly because of compile-time, as they say: 'To each his own'. P.S. I think that for a laptop Ubuntu is a great choice.
kamrat Mar '14 Liron
For some reason thou, gnome is being frustratingly sluggish on my laptop while unity works fine. I wonder why that is? I can't really test gnome properly with the lag :( i tried Arch+gnome but there was so many details missing (proper font, Yaourt or similiar etc) that i didn't know what end to start. I must be that pre-configured type of guy:s I haven't really read into gentoo a lot since i see that as even more hardcore to use.. Is it difficult?
Liron Mar '14 kamrat
"Is it difficult?" The straightforward answer is YES, it's a bit difficult. but difficult is a relative statement. Once you understand the mechanics behind it, it would be as easy as operating Ubuntu, Windows or a Mac. So I would say there's a learning curve, but for some it might be worth it... ;-)
kamrat Mar '14 Liron
Think i will stick with Arch until I'm confy enogh;)