Ozon OS Hydrogen Beta Is available For Download

Ozon OS, a Linux distribution designed with a minimalistic yet modern approach in mind, optimized for gaming, is getting closer to production, releasing first beta.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
Ozon OS Hydrogen Beta

The two teams who are responsible for making some of the most beautiful icon sets available on the Linux platform; Flattr by Nitrux, Numix-Circle icons theme, are now collaborating in order to make a great distribution too.

The distribution, which has been in development for quite some time now, has recently shifted to its next gear and released a beta version which is available for download for free.

On its previous Alpha release, the developers also gave us some prediction of what to expect in beta version, detailing some of the features yet to come, let’s see whether they kept to their words?

Ozon OS Hydrogen Beta Feature Highlights

These are the prominent features added to Ozon in the latest beta release:

  • Newer and improved version of atom-dock, atom-panel and atom launcher extensions
  • New own GTK, Gnome-Shell and Icon theme
  • New own set of wallpapers
  • Updated list of Ozon’s default applications: https://github.com/ozonos/ozon-wiki/wiki/Default-Applications
  • New own repository that comes out of the box in the beta from which you will get updates for Ozon software and artwork
  • Various tweaks like improved font rendering

If you’re interested to know what Ozon OS going to be like when it’s ready, you better opt for trying the beta and get a real good sense of the future to come.

Keep in mind though, the beta version is not considered stable nor production ready and some changes can still potentially be introduced at a later point in time so it’s not recommended to install it on production critical machine.

Download Ozon “Hydrogen” Beta

Ozon OS beta is available for download for free through Ozon’s official website, click below to get it.

Get Ozon OS Beta