Elementary OS “Freya” Beta 2 Is Out

The next major step in Elementary’s way to release its next version – 0.3 has now materialized. Nicknamed “Freya”, the second beta is available for download and here are some of the changes it carries.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
Elementary OS Freya beta 2

According to Elementary’s announcement these are the new features you’ll get upon installing or upgrading to Freya beta 2:

New Features In Elementary OS Freya Beta 2

  • Better support for Samba in Files
  • New Calculator & Videos apps
  • UI improvements in Calendar, Photos, System Settings, Slingshot & more
  • Notifications & Firewall settings
  • Better and more discoverable multitasking.
  • Updated 3rd party apps (including Geary, Simple Scan, Document Viewer & more)
  • Updated development libraries (including Gtk 3.14)
  • Security and Stability improvements
  • UEFI/SecureBoot support
  • Tons of stylesheet and icon changes and fixes
  • And way more other stuff than is possibly reasonable to list here ;p


When I installed it on a virtual environment just to test it out, I’ve also encountered a new / revamped screenshot utility which works pretty well and of course blends in quite well with the rest of the desktop environment.

Elementary OS Freya beta 2

One thing to note though, is that changes included here aren’t yet final, as this is just a beta version, things may change in the future though not much is likely to:

“The next step along the way is RC1. This is mostly a cleanup and details release.”

The last thing that should be mentioned with regards to this release, was requested by Elementary team to be stressed out – a disclaimer:

This is still a work in progress and may have some minor issues along it, hence it is not recommended to install the beta version unless you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty.

So try to keep that in mind please. ;)

Download Freya Beta 2