Steam Games for Linux are now Over 500!

Linux as a gaming platform just keeps gaining momentum with now over than 500 different games offered via Steam (for Linux) alone.

Updated Sep 19, 2016News
Steam linux over 500

If you’re one of those who still have hard time to believe Linux can become a great gaming platform, perhaps some numbers might change your mind.

Over the last passing week Steam games for Linux had broken through the 500 barrier, and are now count as 512 total, while the distribution among them is as follows:

  • 478 – Single-player Games
  • 123 – Multi-player Games
  • 82 – Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • 62 – Co-op Games

Although these numbers are probably still far behind Windows, the gap up to Mac OS X on the other hand is getting a lot smaller, OS X has a total of 944 games available via Steam at the time of writing.

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