Make grub a lot nicer with Grub2 Theme Tuxkiller V2

Turn Grub boot loading menu from a boring list of black and white entries into a beautiful, modern-looking menu using Tuxkiller theme.

Updated Oct 7, 2016Customization
Tuxkiller v2 Grub

Linux users who make extensive use of Grub will be glad to learn (in case they didn’t knew it already) that Grub can made much nicer with just a little bit of tweaking around.

If you too wish to turn your Grub boot menu into what is shown in the image above, please read carefully the instructions below.

A word of warning though, messing with grub can lead to a non-bootable system, especially if you’re inexperienced! Please make sure you backup any file you edit and that you know how to revert the changes after saving them.

How to install Tuxkiller V2 Grub theme

1. Start by downloading the theme file by clicking the download button at the bottom.

2. Next, unzip the file and copy the Tuxkiller2 folder into “/boot/grub/themes/“.

3. In the file “/etc/default/grub” change the following settings:

GRUB_BACKGROUND = “/boot/grub/themes/Tuxkiller2/tuxkiller3.png”
GRUB_THEME = “/boot/grub/themes/Tuxkiller2/theme.txt”
GRUB_GFXMODE = “1280x1024x32”   (Note: the resolution may differ on your device, available resolutions may be listed inside: /sys/devices/platform/<FRAMEBUFFER>/graphics/fb0/modes)
GRUB_FONT = “/boot/grub/themes/Tuxkiller2/dejavu_14.pf2”

edit default_grub

[Don’t forget to uncomment the lines by removing the “#” at beginning in case they are commented]

4. Update grub the way your Linux distro is handling grub updates. For instance, on Ubuntu and some of its derivatives use the command “sudo update-grub” via Terminal.

*Bonus: If you want to change the title of the theme you can in the file “/boot/grub/themes/Tuxkiller2/theme.txt” line 45, then repeat step 4.

Download Tuxkiller-V2

Grub2 Theme Tuxkiller V2 made by jbaseb