KDE Plasma 5.2 Is Out! Gains New Components, Many New Features And Bugfixes

It’s now official! KDE Plasma 5.2 has been released today and it has many exciting new features to show for it, but perhaps more importantly, this release marks the beginning of stabilizing KDE 5. As you may remember, only two weeks ago I wrote a post about Plasma 5.2 beta version which was released just

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KDE Plasma 5.2

As you may remember, only two weeks ago I wrote a post about Plasma 5.2 beta version which was released just a couple of weeks before its planned stable version.

In that post, I’ve included a list of noteworthy new features that were already implemented in the beta.

Apparently, as it turns out, not much has changed (if any) between the beta version and the now released stable version of KDE’s Plasma 5.2.

The list of highlight features has stayed the same as it was just 2 weeks ago, though, considering the small amount of time in-between you may also say – it was expected.

So, in favor of those who missed it back then, here’s a copy paste of that list with a bit more details about some of the items in there:

Plasma 5.2 Feature Highlights

  • New components:
    • BlueDevil – desktop components to manage Bluetooth devices
    • KSSHAskPass – module to manage ssh keys
    • Muon – KDE’s homemade software center
    • SDDM – login manager
    • KScreen – System Settings module to set up multiple monitor support
    • GTK Application Style – a module that lets you configure themeing of GTK applications
    • KDecoration – new library makes it easier and more reliable to make themes for KWin
  • Undo – a new feature to undo changes to Plasma desktop layout
  • Smarter sorting of results in KRunner
  • New mouse cursor themes for Breeze (as already published here on iWillFolo, New Breeze Cursor Icons are Available for Installation Prior to Upcoming Plasma Release, works with both KDE 4 and 5)
  • New plasma widgets:
    • 15 puzzle
    • Web browser
    • Show desktop
  • Audio Player controls in KRunner
  • Kicker alternative application menu can now install applications from the menu
  • Many bug fixes

Plasma 5.2 start menu

Plasma 5.2 Muon

Though the new release has brought many new features into the table (as you can see), it’s still should probably be noted that in terms of feature parity with KDE 4, Plasma 5.2 still has a lot of work ahead of it.

Get Plasma 5.2

For those who like to get a hold of Plasma 5.2 and ASAP, there a number of ways you’ll be able to get your hands on it, all you have to is just pick.

If you wish to try out a live image > there’s both Kubuntu and Fedora remix to aid you with that. (Note: all links are below)

If you wish to install Plasma 5.2 from a package available on your distribution > check out “Plasma package” and see if your distro has one.

Lastly, those who wish to install from source > there’s a way to do that too. :)

Kubuntu live  Fedora remix live  Plasma package  Install from source