Breezz 19 Wizard

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breezz new kodi 19 wizard


1.1.0 - Fixed Resolveurl path in save data. 1.0.9 - Added settings to main menu. 1.0.8 - Fixed percentage during build download, 1.0.7 - Added option to link to another xml or json file. This is good for teams or community wizards as each builder can have their own xml. Also changed format of the builds xml. Please refer to builds_newformat.xml located in the resources folder. The old format will still work but if the user is running an older version of the wizard, they'll only see the version number as the name. They'll want to update to fix that. 1.0.6 - Added Notifications Dialog. Special thanks to Blue for art and helping with the design. 1.0.5 - Bugfixes. 1.0.3 - Added download progress to build install. 1.0.2 - Added option to encode the buildfile variable to a base64 string. 1.0.1 - Added the option to use json for build file. 1.0.0 - Basic clean up. Ready for official release. 0.0.9 - Added Save Menu, 0.0.8 - Bug fixes, 0.0.7 - Added Advanced Settings presets to Maintenance. 0.0.6 - Added Clear Packages, the first of the Maintenance section. 0.0.5 - Bug fixes 0.0.4 - Added enabling of disabled addons on build first run. Added update repos on build first run. 0.0.3 - Added prompt notifying when new version of installed build is available. 0.0.2 - Initial Release

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How To Install

Direct installation

Via Repository

  1. Download the addon.
  2. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
    addon install - Add-ons
  3. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
    addon install - openbox
  4. Select Install from zip file.
    • If this is the first addon you install, Kodi will warn you about installing addons from "unknown sources" for security reasons - it's your call.
    • In any case, Kodi will warn you, you may not get auto-updates for this addon.
  5. Navigate into the location where you've downloaded the addon to and select it to Install.

For a full installation guide please click here.

Additional Information

Updated: June 03, 2021

Platform: all

License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Depends On:

xbmc.python (>= 3.0.0)

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