Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux kernel, is fed up with Systemd bugs

According to a news article published by, it seems that Linus Torvalds is at it again. This time, it’s the Systemd devs who are being lashed out.

Updated Sep 29, 2016News
Linux crash bugs

There’s quite a dispute between the kernel developers and the Systemd ones over a “debug” issue, which causes the entire system to collapse for being overloaded with information.

The crux of the disagreement revolves around the namespace Systemd should use for its debuging mode, as suggested by the kernel developers, it should be different than simply debug, since it’s already being used by the kernel itself.

However, it seems that Systemd upstream devs are reluctant to do so. In response to the kernel devs suggestions, Kay Sievers, one of the systemd developers wrote: “Generic terms are generic, not the first user owns them.”

This has triggered Linus to reply the following:

Key, I’m f*cking tired of the fact that you don’t fix problems in the code *you* write, so that the kernel then has to work around the problems you cause.

…I’m not willing to merge something where the maintainer is known to not care about bugs and regressions and then forces people in other projects to fix their project. Because I am *not* willing to take patches from people who don’t clean up after their problems, and don’t admit that it’s their problem to fix.

Kay – one more time: you caused the problem, you need to fix it. None of this “I can do whatever I want, others have to clean up after me” crap.


Usually when Linus is getting riled up over matters like so, the ones on the other side end up internalizing the criticism and start taking steps towards resolving the issue. Hopefully for the benefit of all, this will be no different than the usual.

If you are feeling a bit appalled by the tone Linus is using, then don’t be. Even though he has the looks of a polite geeky person, Linus feels there’s nothing wrong with being “outrageous” sometimes.

Just like the other time when he unleashed his wrath upon Gnome 3 desktop environment or perhaps even more memorable moment was the Nvidia lashing: “…so Nvidia, F*ck you!”

Linus lashing