Deepin 2014.3 Bringing the eye candy to Linux

Updated Sep 18, 2016Reviews
Deepin 2014.3

Improved performance

As I said in the beginning of the review, Deepin has improved a lot since the last time I tested it.

One of the most noticeable improvements I found in this version is the amount of resources it uses while at rest (when no other program is open).

Back then the RAM usage stood at about 530 MiBs whilst today it only uses about 430 MiBs on the exact same machine. This is close to a 20% decrease which is a lot to improve in less than a year.

Deepin 2014.3 uses less RAM

Beyond RAM usage improvements, there are also many speed enhancements integrated into this release and they are certainly felt.

One such speed enhancement you’ll note (according to Deepin): is the “triggering time of the prompt messages on desktop hot zones and Dock [which] has been optimized to reduce misoperation”.

Deepin is not for power-Users

The last thing I’d like to point out regarding Deepin 2014.3 is that it’s not geared towards power-users.

If you’re one of those who like to tweak every little aspect of your system, be in control of each and every part of it, then Deepin 2014.3 is probably not for you.

It lacks many power options and leave the control over at the developers hands. One example to support this claim which pops to my mind – there’s no option to configure window rules.

However, do not confuse power users options with personalization and customizability! They may sound as they’re the same yet they widely diverse in essence.

Deepin is very customizable out of the box, in fact it offer users the option to change theme in almost every homemade app it has.

Deepin inner app customization

Customizing apps is so easy

Then again, when it comes to power users configurations and tweaks it seems Deepin lacks the granular level of options a DE such as KDE offers.

To put things into perspective though, let’s not forget that this isn’t the crowd-base Deepin aims for in the first place, so that’s OK.

Should you try it?

Yes, after my latest experience with it, I feel I can wholeheartedly recommend you check Deepin 2014.3 and even if you don’t have plans to install it, at least get a taste of what’s it like (who knows, you might change your mind).

If on the last time I did Top 5 Linux Distributions – Deepin didn’t quite made it into the list, now, there’s a probable chance that the next year it will.

So, in case you feel inclined to, click the button down below and download Deepin so you could experience it first hand, installation instructions are provided as well, though you may not even need them…

Download Deepin-2014.3

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