New Open Source Project ‘GPS-Share’ Lets You Share Location Across Local Network

GPS-Share is a utility to share your GPS device on local network.

May 30, 2017Apps

If you have one device on your local network that has the ability to access GPS and another one that doesn’t, GPS-Share make it easy on you to share that location between the two devices via the local network, aka LAN.

So by using GPS-Share you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of location based services on devices that doesn’t necessarily comes with a GPS receiver.

The project’s specified goals are to:

  • “Share your GPS device on the local network so that all machines in your home or office can make use of it.”
  • “Enable support for standalone (i-e not part of a cellular modem) GPS devices in Geoclue.”

GPS-Share is entirely coded in Rust (a fast, modern, programming language). It currently supports devices that “present themselves as serial port”, nonetheless “Many USB [devices] are expected to work out of the box but bluetooth devices need manual intervention to be mounted”.

At the moment, Linux is the main targeted platform for GPS-Share to run on, although it may also work on other POSIX compatible platforms.

“Patches to add/fix support for non-Linux systems, are more than welcome” says the developer of GPS-Share – Zeeshan.

For more details on GPS-Share feel free to visit the project’s page.