Sportie Is An Alternative Kodi Addon To SportsDevil – Is It Better and How To Install?

Sportie is an inclusive sports addon for Kodi platform, which host both live streams as well as recorded videos of various sports events.

May 28, 2017Addons
Sportie addon

While SportsDevil is probably the main go-to addon when considering watching sports in Kodi, it certainly however, isn’t the only one out there.

Sportie is also a sports addon for Kodi, quite similar to SportsDevil in the sense that both offer live streams (of games and TV channels) as well as replay and highlights of played games and other sports events.

Both addons also offer various types of sports such as: soccer, basketball, boxing, wrestling, etc…  And lastly, both also share the shortcoming of having streams that don’t play – it’s simply part of nature for addons of that sort.

Sportie notice: explains why some streams don't work

Sportie notice: explains why some streams don’t work

In my experience though, I did find working streams as well as non working ones. Part of the streams I found were HD quality while others were standard.

Sportie has working streams

Sportie has working streams

Unlike SportsDevil on the other hand, Sportie appears to be making use of Reddit threads in order to catch new hot links. For me however, almost non of the Reddit links worked, I managed to find one eventually but it’s a matter of hit and miss I suspect.

How to Install Sportie

Sportie can be installed using TVAddons repository, so you’ll need to install either Indigo (which installs automatically with TVAddons repository) or Addon Installer addon prior to the following steps.

Note: the following focuses on how to install Sportie via Indigo addon, however the same can be achieved via Addon Installer addon.

1. From Kodi’s home-screen go to Add-ons > Program add-ons > Indigo > Addon Installer > video Addons > Sportie.

2. Select the letter “S” to browse addons that starts with that letter and scroll down until you find Sportie. Click on it and when prompted select Install.

Install Sportie addon with Indigo

Install Sportie addon with Indigo

To use Sportie, click the return button until you’re back at the Add-ons screen, select Video add-ons and then Sportie.