What is Indigo Kodi Addon and How Do You Use it?

Indigo Kodi Addon lets you easily access unofficial Kodi addons in addition to helping you manage and configure your Kodi in a click. If you’ve read my previous guide on how to install TVADDONS meta-repository then you’re now ready for the next step which is start using Indigo. In case you’re unfamiliar with TVADDONS, I

Updated Mar 11, 2017Addons
Indigo Kodi addon

If you’ve read my previous guide on how to install TVADDONS meta-repository then you’re now ready for the next step which is start using Indigo.

In case you’re unfamiliar with TVADDONS, I recommend you check out that guide first, since it is the basis for the following article.

Starting from the point where the TVADDONS guide left off, meaning, you’re now actually already have Indigo installed but you still haven’t started using it.

Indigo's home screen (before using Config Wizard)

Indigo’s home screen (before using Config Wizard)

As you can see, Indigo’s home screen has a list of options you can choose from. Each option is, in practice, a standalone tool on its own which were combined together to form an inclusive tool for managing and maintaining Kodi and the addons you install on it.

To explain what each of these tools do, let’s go over them one by one.

Config Wizard

The first option in Indigo is the configuration wizard, you only see it if you haven’t used the Config wizard yet. What it does is it basically installs a number of popular addons altogether setting your Kodi with wonderful goodies you won’t otherwise find on Kodi by default.

This is what you’d call a ‘click & forget’ setup, for you only need to click it once and then you can (pretty much) forget about configuring and installing addons manually – the wizard automatically do it for you.

If you’re new to Kodi, then this is the type of setup I’d recommend you use, since it lays out some of the best addons you can find, hand-picked by the experts at TVADDONS, easily letting you unravel the true power of Kodi.

On the other hand, if you’re a more experienced user who already knows what addons you want, you may simply skip the auto-wizard and continue straight to Addon Installer.

Addon Installer

Addon Installer is a tool that simplify and streamlines the installation of Unofficial (3rd-party) Kodi addons hosted by TVADDONS meta repository. It contains both addons and addon-repositories, letting you view them from within Kodi’s interface saving you the need to search for them online.

Once you find an addon / repository you like, you can install it through Addon Installer’s interface on the spot.

Addon Installer lets you view and install unofficial Kodi addons

Addon Installer lets you view and install unofficial Kodi addons

As a matter of fact, Addon Installer is not only a component of Indigo, but it also is a standalone addon which you can install and access regardless of Indigo. I’ve wrote a guide about how to install Addon Installer in the past which I intend to renew in favor of Kodi 17 and above version users, so keep an eye out for that.

Maintenance Tools

Maintenance Tools option is another great feature of Indigo, it includes a set of tools, some of each are automatic, that helps keep your Kodi installation lightweight and cleaner.

By default, it auto-blocks malicious scripts, clears cache and periodically removes addon packages that are no longer needed. While the two latter are pretty much safe to delegate for automatic task, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that, potentially, the malicious scripts blocker can make mistakes which may interfere with some addons installations.

The rest of the tools inside Maintenance Tools lets you clear addons, addons-packages and cache manually.

If you’re new to Kodi or you’re not really into manually configuring your Kodi, it’s probably better to keep these tools untouched.

Rejuvenate Kodi

Rejuvenate Kodi, if selected, will wipe all your configuration -both Kodi configuration and individual addons one, it will wipe your addons as well and then initialize Config Wizard with all that entails. (See Config Wizard section above)

Using this option is not recommended, unless you feel your Kodi is seriously malfunctioning and you’re ready to start fresh.

Essentially, it’s almost the same as deleting Kodi off of your machine and reinstalling it again and then apply the Config Wizard. Only, it enables you to do it in a click.

Factory Restore

This option is essentially the same as Rejuvenate Kodi option, only, the difference is it won’t initialize Config Wizard and leave you with a completely empty Kodi.

Log Uploader

Log Uploader is a good tool to use in case you’re being assisted by someone online (on a support forum for instance). The tool automates the process and saves you the trouble of retrieving the log file manually then upload it.

By default, it uploads your log file to a certain Web address on TVADDONS server, you’ll get a notification of the exact address, and if you’ve decided to enter your email address, you’ll also get an email containing the Web address.

In any case, it’s good to remember that the debug log may contain sensitive data, so think twice before uploading.

Indigo: debug log files may contain sensitive data

Indigo: debug log files may contain sensitive data

To know more about how to retrieve Kodi’s logs check out: How To Retrieve Kodi’s Log Of The Last Opened Session.

Network Speed Test

Helps you test and diagnose whether your Kodi suffer Internet speed issues and lags.

System Information

This tool provides quick and easy access to information about your Kodi system and device in general, such as the Kodi version or disc space.

You can find a more extensive cover of that information inside Kodi’s main settings.

Sports Listings

Shows you listings of sports events scheduled for the current day.

Sports listings showing current day events in Indigo

Sports listings showing current day events in Indigo

Backup / Restore

This option needs to be set manually, once you select a backup location, you can create a full or partial backup that you could use later on in case you’ll want to restore your Kodi to a previous stage.

Log Viewer

Log Viewer lets yo view your log file from within Kodi’s interface.


From time to time TVADDONS may send you notifications regarding the addon, clicking on this option lets opt-in or out of these notifications.

That’s it, now you know what each of the options in Indigo do and you can thus use it according to your needs and liking.