How To Remove “Power off system” Option From Kodi Estuary Skin (Kodi 17 And Above)?

Don’t get mad at yourself for accidentally clicking the “Power off system” option in Kodi, simply do something about it instead.

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Remove power off system from Kodi estuary skin

If you’re running Kodi on your PC, for instance, you may find you have no use for the “Power off system” option showing up whenever you invoke the exit/close menu in Kodi.

Sometimes, the extra option can actually become a real nuisance, especially in situations when you accidentally click it and find there’s no easy way of aborting the shut-down sequence.

So, in case you’d like to get rid of the option once and for all, here’s what you need to do (Kodi users of versions below 17 see this guide please):

Removing “Power off system” Entry

Note: the following is meant for Kodi’s default skin called Estuary, it may work for other skins as well, otherwise you may need to adjust the instructions to your current skin.

To remove the unwanted option we shall now edit an .xml file using a simple text editor (notepad/gedit).

1. Start by opening a file manager and navigate into the location of Kodi’s skin folder, then to its xml directory, according to your platform.

For instance, on Windows you may navigate into:

C:\Program Files (x86)/Kodi/addons/skin.estuary/xml/

Linux users:


2. Search and open a file called DialogButtonMenu.xml (use a text editor to open the file).

Edit DialogButtonMenu.xml file inside estuary skin folder

Edit DialogButtonMenu.xml file inside estuary skin folder

3. Look inside that file for a line as such (you may use your text editor’s search function or scroll down until you find it):


Note: Before changing anything it’s  recommended that you backup the file first – just copy the file to another folder which you could use later on in case you’d like to revert the changes.

4. Finally, to remove the power off option, change the line mentioned in step 3 to:


Save the file and restart Kodi for changes to take effect.

"Power off system" entry removed

“Power off system” entry removed

Remember, if you’d like to restore things to the way they were before, either use your backup file (if you’ve created one) or simply change the line back to the way it was on step 3.

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