Kodi Ships Beautiful Raspberry Pi 2/3/B+ Cases, Donates To Cancer Research

For the first time since Kodi (formerly XBMC) was founded, a Kodi hardware product is offered by the team.

Updated Sep 16, 2016News
Kodi Pi

Those of you who are looking for a compact media center setup to run Kodi on will probably be thrilled to learn of the new Raspberry Pi case offered by Kodi team.

As mentioned in the title, team Kodi is now offering beautifully designed cases that goes perfectly well with the nifty Raspberry Pi in its 2nd, 3rd and B+ version.

[ For those who are unfamiliar with Raspberry Pi – it is a series of relatively cheap (around 35$ US) credit card-sized computers, developed with the intent to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries. ]

To make that happen, Kodi has joined a silicon valley located company named FLIRC which was able to supply the beautiful aluminum case you see above.

Nevertheless, as this is not the usual surroundings by which Kodi team is used to work with, the supply of Kodi Pi cases are therefore limited:

“The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is a limited edition product.”

“It is something that’s way out of our comfort zone so we hope that this big surprise will be something you as users will be enjoying as much as we will.”

Say Kodi team members Nathan Betzen and Martijn.

On top of that, Kodi team also promises that for each piece of Kodi Pi case that will be sold, they shall donate a percentage to cancer research at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Thus, upon buying a unit you gain not only the physical satisfaction of a nice product but also a moral one too.

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Lastly, if you’re interested in buying a Kodi Pi case, here are the links for US and UK/EU sellers:

US Buy    UK/EU Buy