Kodi Polishes New Skin Gets Ready For Debut In Upcoming Version 17 “Krypton”

Upcoming Kodi version number 17, code-named “Krypton”, will introduce a new and improved skin to enhance users’ experience.

Updated Jan 12, 2017News
Kodi v17 new skin: Estuary_ng

Last March we learned about Kodi’s astounding new theme expected to ship along the 17th version, responsible for bringing not only a new looks but also a new behavior to the platform.

Since then, Estuary, the new skin intended to replace the aging Confluence which is the current default Kodi skin – has received many improvements based on users feedback.

According to Kodi team, based on constructive comments, the developer of the skin phil65 has went back to the drawing board to rework his beautiful creation into what will become the final skin that would ship with Krypton by default.

The team also emphasizes that the rework was only applied to certain parts of the new skin rather than being a total rewrite of it. Thus users of the beta channel who already got to test-drive Estuary before the latest polish was made, will not need to relearn how to work it all over again.

“… what you will see should still feel quite familiar if you have used any past v17 builds as not everything was redone.”

Speaking of the beta channel, the new and revamped skin is not yet available on the current beta builds but will be incorporated soon.

Although the skin is already available for download and install, users of the current stable Kodi version (16) and lower are hereby reminded not to install it on their software as it’s only supported by the 17th version and above.

Kodi v17 Estuary_ng movies

Kodi v17 Estuary: movies

Kodi v17 Estuary: weather

Kodi v17 Estuary: weather

Kodi v17 Estuary: movie description (layout 1)

Kodi v17 Estuary: movie description (layout 1)

Kodi v17 Estuary: movie description (layout 2)

Kodi v17 Estuary: movie description (layout 2)

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