Mozilla Launches A New Firefox Browser For iOS Platform Focused On Privacy

Privacy concerned iPhone or iPad owners are welcome to try out a new web-browser by Mozilla, specifically designed for privacy protection.

Updated Jul 21, 2017News

Given the name Firefox Focus, the browser is in fact a variation of the original, only it targets and prioritizes privacy protection.

The way Focus protects privacy is mostly expressed through the emphasizing of features that are relevant to clearing users data along with integrating anti-tracking features by default.

For example, the browser features an “Erase” button prominently appearing in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to simplify the erasing of all browsing information including cookies, website history or passwords.

Although the same feature is also present on regular / standard Firefox browser, Mozilla believes that putting it forward might have an additional value to it.

“Out of sight too often means out of mind. Burying the tools to clear browsing history and data behind clicks or taps means that fewer people will do it. By putting the “Erase” button front and center, we offer users a simple path to healthy online behaviors …”

In addition, Focus also has a built-in trackers blocker which, according to Mozilla, may also earn you a performance boost as it blocks parts of the Web that otherwise might have slow down your browsing.

However by doing so, Mozilla also admits that some websites may possibly not work properly as a result. Therefore, a feature that enables opening a website you’re current visiting in either Firefox or Safari is also included in Focus.

It’s interesting to see Mozilla putting itself in the forefront of the privacy frontier trying to place itself as a world leader in that field, although even they do not always meet their own standards.

Firefox Focus can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

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