Privacy day – Trust in Mozilla

With all of last year privacy scandals still echoing in our minds, there’s no wonder why people are starting to feel that there’s no place left to resort-to when using the web. However, one company, or shall we say organization, is still walking with its head high, proudly raising the flag of privacy at its

Updated Mar 5, 2021News
Mozilla data privacy

Mozilla (Firefox), is not the only organization to declare privacy and anonymity are the front and center of the software they make, yet they’re probably the most prominent force exists on the web today. (another noteworthy privacy promoting example would be the Tor project)

Today, in honor of Data Privacy Day, Mozilla folks have shared with us, the many ways they undergo, in order to keep our surfing-data safe and secure, to name a few:

How Mozilla protects our privacy

  • Do Not Track – A feature in Firefox that helps put you in control of the way your information is collected and used online.
  • Lightbeam – A Firefox add-on, allows you to see the first and hidden third party sites you interact with on the Web.
  • Webmaker – Free resources and teaching guides from Mozilla, to help educate about privacy.
  • Privacy Principles – Mozilla’s six privacy principles, stem from theeir Manifesto and inform how they develop their websites, products and services.
  • Firefox privacy add-ons.

Mozilla privacy

The greatest ingredient inside Mozilla’s privacy formula, is probably the fact it’s an open source project, thus everything Mozilla developers makes, inevitably becomes transparent to anyone interested.  This is just one of the pros you get, when choosing to use open source software & technologies.

If you’re interested, give Firefox a whirl today.

“Data Privacy Day or Data Protection Day is an international holiday, celebrated every January 28, in purpose of raising the awareness and promoting data privacy education.”