Use Android Parental Controls To Unplug Your Kids Smartly!

With teens adopting technology and digital risks at unfathomable rates, a large section of today’s teens is connected to the internet.

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They join social networks using their devices, become friends with stranger-danger, watch inappropriate content and what not. This makes them vulnerable to being influenced while affecting their abilities to demarcate reality from the make-believe.

‏Since teens are very impressionable, their access to provocative content, toxic value messages and other media forms – that children don’t necessarily have the maturity to process – should be monitored and mentored as it can lead to a significant increase in social problems in the form of adolescent sexual behavior, cyber bullying, violence and other forms of psychological and social stress. As parents, we can either moderate their digital diet or can detoxify them from an excessive intake. For both the options, there is one solution and the solution is setting up Android parental controls.

How Can you digitally unplug them?

‏The advancement in technology has not brought the complexities all alone. It is meant to simplify lives as well. You can use it to diminish your teens’ digital consumption and unplug them digitally with the use of the advanced Android parental controls on their phone. The use of the app empowers parents to take control over their kids’ device while monitoring all their activities not just online but offline too. One app popular among parents in his regard is FamilyTime.

The app offers:

  1. Contact Mirroring
  2. SMS Monitoring
  3. Call Log Monitoring
  4. Contact Watchlisting
  5. Location Tracking
  6. Location History Tracking
  7. Geo-fencing Places
  8. Web-history Monitoring
  9. Viewing Bookmarks
  10. Monitoring Installed Apps
  11. App usage frequency Tracking
  12. Blacklisting Apps
  13. Auto Screen Locks
  14. Locking Phone Remotely
  15. SOS Alerts
  16. PickMeUp Alerts
  17. Speed Limit Alerts

All in all the app offers everything you may want to monitor your kids and put controls on their digital use. You can give this app a try for free by downloading it from the Google Play store on your phone.


Be tech Savvy to keep your teens healthy!

The physical health of your teen is connected to the digital consumption. So make sure they don’t exceed their average tech use or consume inappropriate content there. Your one smart step can save them from many hazards so be tech–savvy, use Android parental controls and keep your teen healthy!

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