It Finally Happened, The Official Xposed Framework For Android “Nougat” Is Out

Xposed, the framework which lets you enhance Android with many highly useful features, is now available to install on Android 7 & 7.1.

Oct 11, 2017News
Xposed for Nougat

Many of us have been highly anticipating this, and a few days ago (October 8) it finally happened. rovo89, the original developer of Xposed modules framework, has officially released a version for Android Nougat powered devices. Unlike the formerly released, non-official version, this one actually works pretty well!

Of course, the minute it came out Xposed was immediately grabbed by enthusiastic users from all around the world, and no less amazing than that – only 3 days later – the first bugfix was out. Quite an astonishing feat, given the fact that its developer is only working on the framework part-time as a hobby.

For those of you whom this is the first time reading of Xposed and wondering what’s so special about it, let me give you an example of what Xposed can do for you that no other Android app of the millions that are out there can: if your Android version is restricting call recording – Xposed can re-enable that feature back on from within Android (for better integration), or for instance, having YouTube playing in the background (while screen is locked) is also possible thanks to Xposed. Although, regarding the last example there has been some developments lately which got the feature removed from Xposed repository for the time being (apparently by a Google request/complaint).

In any case, if you’re eager to try it out, click the button below which shall take you straight to the official release page – be sure to read the relevant instructions correlating to your Android version, and also, this is probably needless to mention but still – Xposed requires your Android device to be rooted in order to install – so please keep that in mind before asking any questions.