Control your PC media Using Simply, your Smartphone!

If you ever wanted to have the ability to control your PC just like you control your TV, only without buying a specific device for that matter, i.e. a remote – now you can!

Updated Sep 19, 2016Editorials

It’s absolutely amazing to see how fast technology advances nowadays. Looking back a few years into the past, it seems that the only thing I could use my mobile phone for was to make calls and play Snake.


However, since then you might say that a couple of things have changed over the years, and although we now have a colorful, touch-based smartphones they still don’t come with a remote control feature by default.

Turn your Smartphone to a Remote

So, in order to turn your smartphone into a remote, we’re going to need 2 things:


  1. A computer program which can interact with the smartphone (may I suggest XBMC).
  2. An app which is capable of interacting with the computer program (Yatse for example) .


The links above will take you to each program/app homepage so you could download and install them, after that you’re only one step away from owning a smartphone which is also a remote.

After you’ve installed both applications on your devices, all is left is to configure them. Many times this might be done automagically for you by the app (yatse) itself.

Yet if doesn’t, then you could still do it manually, and don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it might sound. In fact there’s a terrific guide over Yatse’s website which is easy to follow and has many screen-shots along it.

Hence, because I do believe it’s such a great guide, I’ll spare you my own writing and warmly recommend you check it out.


Finally, to remind you another good reason for installing XBMC on your system, even if you don’t care for controling it with a remote, see XBMCtorrent enables you to watch TV-shows.