Maynard: a New Lightweight Desktop shell for Wayland

Maynard is like Gnome shell’s little brother, or in our case, lighter brother. It’s made up from the same toolkit – GTK,  however, it is and always will be lighter than Gnome.

Updated Oct 7, 2016News

When Collabora and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have decided they want to make Wayland usable on Raspberry Pi, they’ve encountered a minor issue.

They needed a lightweight desktop environment which could run on the Pi and at the same time to also support the new display server protocol – Wayland.

Since there wasn’t any available instance who matched both features alike, they had no other choice but to create one themselves, and that’s how Maynard was born.

Maynard’s goals are:

  • To be functional.
  • To be lightweight.
  • To be pretty.

Conversely, its limitations are:

according to Marco Barisione’s Weblog

  • No XWayland support, thus non-Wayland applications cannot run (issue #1).
  • GTK applications take too long to start (issue #2).
  • Active apps are not shown in the panel (issue #3).
  • No configurability (issue #7).

Although the project is very unique in its own right, it also reminds me of another project called Maui OS which has a custom designed graphical environment called Hawaii also built for Wayland.

If you’d like to know more about the project and how to get it installed then check out its wiki-page on Github.

Finally, the video below will get you a glimpse of the current state at which Maynard is at;