Chrome 35 Released Bringing Aura Graphics Stack And More…

The latest release of popular browser Google Chrome has brought a major change (Aura)  for Linux users along some usual mild updates and bug fixes.

Updated Sep 30, 2016News

If you haven’t yet heard of Aura, then perhaps it’s time that you should, since this powerful stack (which also runs on Chromium-OS) is from now on what’s handling your Chrome’s compositing / hardware acceleration rendering.

Simply put, it makes things run smoothly inside the browser, it should be relieving you from most types of effect lags or malformed rendering. (that’s a good thing, yay!)

Of course Aura is not the only new feature Chrome 35 has to offer, among others Chrome 35 also brings –

A New App Launcher

Although disabled by default, Chrome also has a nice app launcher which can group together all of your Chrome apps in one menu that is available outside the browser.

In order to enable the launcher, 2 actions must be performed;

1.  Go inside chrome://flags  and inside there enable – Enable the App Launcher. Linux, restart Chrome.

2. The second thing that must be done in order to use the App Launcher is you must be signed in to chrome otherwise, you’ll only see a message saying you need to sign in to Chrome to use apps.

Chrome app launcher

Chrome Notification Center

And yet another cool new feature the 35th version of Chrome has to offer is a handy notification center applet which makes sure you won’t miss any important notifications.

Note: In order to see the Notification Center in action you must receive a notification first, then it should be revealed to you inside your distro notification area.

Albeit cool, this feature might be a bit buggy, since there are already some who reports that it doesn’t work for them, no matter what they do, So if you’re of those – I guess you’ll have to wait for the next version bug fixes to arrive.