Meet Budgie! A New Lightweight and Elegant Media Player

Are you looking for a media player that can play both music and videos? well they sure seems to be rare nowadays (the decent ones), yet Budgie is a minimal media player that can do just that and more…

Updated Sep 19, 2016Apps
Budgie media player

Budgie is a very lightweight, minimalistic media-player that can play both audio and video files and look sexy while at it.

It has options to sort views by: albums, songs or videos. It can also automatically pull songs / videos from any [configurable] directory you choose.

Moreover, it has random / shuffle function plus repeat mode – to repeat the playlist you’re listening too. Search and full screen mode are also integrated into the player and are part of its basic functions.

However, as said above, Budgie is a very minimalistic media-player which apparently still found at the beginning of its way.

All those features, which I’ll sum up in a list below for convenience sake, are basically all there’s to it, which for some people who looks for a concise, practical and sexy-looking player are exactly enough.

But for others, namely, those who seek for a fully fledged media-player with tons of configurations and features, Budgie would probably won’t be enough.

Aside from that, you’ll probably be interested in knowing that Budgie media-player is actually now part of a complete, written from scratch, desktop environment also called Budgie, which is part of a distro called Evolve OS.

Both the D.E. and the media player are developed by the same author – Ikey Doherty, and according to him the D.E. aspires to maintain close relations to upstream GNOME project.

Budgie Highlights Features

  • Lightweight, minimalistic media-player
  • Plays both audio and video files
  • Sort views by: albums, songs or videos
  • Can automatically pull songs / videos from any [configurable] directory you choose
  • Random / shuffle function
  • Repeat mode – to repeat the playlist you’re listening too
  • Search function
  • Full screen mode available

Here’s a short video demonstration of the D.E. which I intend to cover in the near future:

Download & Install Budgie

Budgie has a prebuilt packages designated for a number of distros, all are referenced on Budgie’s home page.