Android “N” Is Already In The Making And These Are It’s New Features So Far

Android’s 7th version already gained a host of new features, here’s what you should expect.

Updated Apr 17, 2016News
Android N preview

Approximately 6 months has past since the latest Android version, codenamed¬†“Marshmallow”, was initially released and Google is already hard at work baking their next tasty snack.

Android N Features Highlights

Multi-window – similarly to Windows 8, 10 or iOS 9, Android N will rid you of the need to use a 3rd-party “hack” in order to achieve multi-tasking.

Android N multi-window mode

Android N multi-window mode

Launcher shortcuts – apps are able to define shortcuts which you could use in order to “jump” straight into a specific point within the app (navigating home in a mapping app, playing the next episode of a TV show in a media app, etc..).

Bundled notifications & direct reply notifications – multiple notifications from a single app can be bundled as a single group that can be expended when needed.

Direct reply notifications allow you to respond quicker to incoming message notifications without leaving the notification “shade”.

Android N bundled & direct-reply notifications

Android N bundled & direct-reply notifications

Vulkan – a new 3D rendering API, offers a significant boost in graphic performance. (read more about Vulkan here)

Efficiency – improved battery savings whenever your device is stationary or the screen turns off.

New people Emoji – a new emoji design that moves away from generic look in favor of a more human-looking design.

Android N New Emojis

Android N New Emojis

Despite adoption rates of Marshmallow (Android 6) hasn’t really soared thus far, Android N is tentatively scheduled to be released somewhere in mid 2016, which means about 2 months from now.

Considering the updates planned for the N release, in terms of performance at the least, it should be a pretty big leap over it’s predecessors – well worth the upgrade.