Linux-ify Your Distribution Using This Cursor Icons Pack

A new icon pack uses Linux mascot for mouse cursor.

Updated Sep 18, 2016Customization
Linux cursor pack

If you’re looking for a way to customize your distribution and at the same time boast at the fact that you’re using Linux, the following cursor pack might be what you need.

LINUX PENGUIN CURSORS v3 was created by hhypnos and is mostly geared towards Ubuntu users (Ubuntu’s logo is clearly evident), however, it can be used on most any distribution you’d like as well.

Linux cursor icons on Gentoo

Linux cursor icons on Gentoo


To install the icon pack you may either use your distro default settings app / tweak tool, or, as explained below, install it manually.

Steps To Install

  1. Download the pack and extract it.
  2. Move the extracted file named “dark” to either of these locations (depends on your preference):
    • /usr/share/icons
    • ~/.icons
  3. Open up your settings manager and look for the option to change mouse appearance / theme. For instance, on Xfce it’s under Mouse and Touchpad option inside Theme tab.
  4. Select it and change may occur immediately.