GNOME 3.16 Is Out, Brings plethora Of New Features onto the table

GNOME 3.16 has been released today and with it comes new features, improvements and several new preview apps too. Check it out…

Updated Oct 7, 2016News
Gnome 3.16

There is so much renovation in this release, we might as well get straight to it.

Let’s start by listing all the shiny and new stuff. Note that some of the following were already introduced in: New Features In Upcoming GNOME 3.16.

GNOME 3.16 Feature highlights

  • Updated Visuals – GNOME theme got rewritten, Activities Overview, login screen, system menus and other system components have been given a new, more contemporary look
  • Redesign of Notifications – old notifications can now be found inside calendar popup as “banners” (see image above)
  • Message Tray is now gone
  • A new privacy page added to GNOME-initial-setup – offers to opt out of geolocation and automatic bug reporting
  • Nautilus UI improvements
    • ‘Gear’ menu has been replaced by a popover
    • Improved ‘Grid’ and ‘List’ appearance
    • File deletion can now be undone from a notification
  • New-Look Scrollbars – scrollbars are now overlays, shown only when “needed”
  • Better Boxes – Boxes app has had a large number of user interface improvements
  • Improved Maps, Now With Foursquare – bubbles have been added for search results and favorite locations
  • Games Updates – a fun new sliding blocks game called Taquin was added, Iagno gained improvements
  • Calculator History – a new history view has been added
  • New Preview Applications: Calendar, Characters, Books and Builder (for developers).

gnome 3.16 nautilus, image viewer

Gnome 3.16 Preview Apps: Calendar, Characters, Books and Builder

Gnome 3.16 Preview Apps: Calendar, Characters, Books and Builder

As you can see GNOME guys were pretty busy in the last 6 months or so…

How to Get GNOME 3.16

Since it only just got released, GNOME 3.16 is yet to be officially available in any of the common Linux distributions stable branches.

However, if you’re keen on taking it for a test ride, you may get it straight from the official GNOME website as a live CD (iso file).

For your convenience, the two buttons below will let you download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version, according to your selection:

Download 32-bit   Download 64-bit

Lastly, check out the video released by GNOMEDesktop, Introducing GNOME 3.16: