Wiper Messenger Gets Better Than Ever Before – Brings More Power To The Users

Wiper is the swiss-army-knife of mobile messengers, it lets you text, call, listen to music, wipe messages you’ve sent from your friends phones instantly and much much more.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Apps
Wiper 1.8

The latest version of Wiper (1.8) adds even more functionality on top of existing one, plus it corrects a certain behaviour that Android users may have found limiting before.

So you’re probably wondering what’s so special about the latest Wiper’s release? Well, a lot! in order to make it clear and simple, here’s a list which points out all of the app’s noteworthy features:

Wiper Feature Highlight

  • Message and call your Wiper Messenger contacts anytime.
  • Calls are encrypted and Wiper keeps no call log.
  • Tap “Wipe” to erase a chat from your phone and your friend’s phone, instantly.
  • HD sound quality on secure calls.
  • Know instantly when your messages are read. (WhatsApp has recently started incorporating this as well, though you can opt out)
  • Get an alert if a friend takes a screenshot of your chat.
  • Play YouTube from within Wiper – search privately for music and other videos, watch or share them via the in-App player.
  • *New*  store, send and receive Bitcoin.
  • *New*  voice notes – send voice notes in a chat.
  • *New*  ability to take screenshots of chats in Android.


Pretty awesome! Wiper is now not only on par with its counterparts, in certain fields it even tops them.

Author’s Thoughts

The last time I wrote about Wiper, I had a specific issue with the Android version as you may recall – I felt as though my privileges were taken from me since I couldn’t take screenshots of chats.

Since then, I’m happy to report I’ve been contacted by Wiper’s team telling me the latest version has this issue completely resolved – thanks Wiper!

Speaking of taking privileges, as an alternative to: Enable YouTube Playback In The Background On Android, you can also use Wiper’s in-app player to achieve the same results.

Now, the only feature I personally find missing from this Wiper version in order for it to become decisively better than all current alternatives is – having an accompanying desktop app.

It was only recently that both WhatsApp and Telegram added such feature and I believe many Wiper users would be happy to gain one as well. wouldn’t you agree?

Download Wiper

Wiper is available for both Android and iOS via the respective download buttons below:

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