Firefox “Focus” For Android Crosses 1M Downloads In A Month, Gains 3 New Features

Promoting privacy aware web browsing, Firefox Focus is gaining momentum on Android and continues advancing forward.

Updated Jul 21, 2017News
Firefox Focus crosses 1M downloads

Released only a moth ago on Android platform, Firefox Focus – a privacy targeted version of the well known Firefox web browser – is already crossing its first milestone, reaching over 1 million downloads.

While being available for iOS (iPhone) users since November last year, it took Mozilla more than 6 months to release a Focus version catering to Android users. Yet once they did so its popularity went skyrocketing in a very short period of time, demonstrating that privacy is highly regarded by many Android users.

Encouraged by its rapidly growing popularity and warm reception, the Focus team for Android has decided to take action in response to users’ feedback and quickly added 3 new features requested by users. These features are:

New Features Added To Focus

1. Full screen videos – added support for viewing full screen videos for most video sites with YouTube being the notable exception (depends on bug-fix from Google).

2. Download support – updated Firefox Focus app supports file downloads of all kind.

3. Focus in notifications – Notifications now features a shortcut to open Firefox Focus.

Firefox Focus prevents Android from taking screenshots due to privacy reasons

Firefox Focus prevents Android from taking screenshots due to privacy reasons

To those of you whom this is the first time hearing about Focus and wondering what’s the difference between it and the main Firefox version, the answer in essence is that Focus puts privacy features such as ‘clear history’ front and center, while main Firefox version may “hide” such features behind clicks and taps.

Firefox Focus for Android is available on both Play Store and F-Droid, on the latter though it is referred to as Firefox Klar.