Who Needs Android, We Have Tizen!

Open source Android alternative Tizen is making progress.

Updated Jul 24, 2017News
Tizen on multiple devices

Only a few days ago we’ve been told that Android is a dead end, predictions were made anticipating that in two to three years Android phone won’t actually be “Android” anymore.

Taking that into account, the open source community can release a sigh of relief knowing that even if Android will cease to be, another open source project could easily assume its place.

On Monday this week, Tizen project has reminded us that it’s still alive and kicking, even though adoption rates are mostly aspiring to zero at the moment, development of the project doesn’t stagnates.

Backed by the Linux foundation, Samsung, Intel and a myriad of other companies and organizations, Tizen is not going anywhere except forward, advancing that is.

Improving the quality of its open source code, Tizen’s technical steering group has now added analysis tools “to automatically discover checkpoints and help developers to investigate the quality of patched codes in a timely manner”.

Tizen open source code is available to who ever wishes to check it out

Tizen open source code is available to who ever wishes to check it out

Just like Android, Tizen is also based on the Linux kernel and thereof can run on various devices. It mostly ships on products such as smartwatches and smartphones, most notable of which are the Samsung Gear (watch) and Samsung Z series (smartphone).

Another interesting fact about Tizen is that unlike Android, it makes extensive use of many open source technologies that would probably ring a bell to a lot of Linux users, such as:  The X Window System with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, Wayland and many applications based on Qt, GTK+ and EFL frameworks can actually run on Tizen IVI version.

To learn more about Tizen, check it out here.