New & Open: 3 New Open Source Android Apps Debuted Last Week

Familiarize yourself with some new open source apps for Android devices.

Jul 11, 2017Apps
3 open source Android apps

Catan Dice Game

A simple, easy to learn board game app, belongs to the genre referred to as “resource dice game”. The app is quite small, weighs approximately ~ 2 MB and currently features 1 game mode – single player mode.

If it’s the first time you hear about Catan, you may want to familiarize yourself with the rules first:

Also, you may want to glance at some pros and how they play it:

Catan dice Game can be installed via F-Droid:

Install Catan


The app adds “Add To Zip” entry to Android’s share/send menu so that you could compress one or more files, and send them via email, Bluetooth, etc…

You’ll find it quite handy, especially if you want to send a group of files at once instead of one by one, and it should work on any Android version higher than 2.1. However, on recent versions of Android (above 5), it may be a bit tricky to initiate due to extra security features which require users to enable WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

Nevertheless, I trust most users who are interested in this kind of app would know how to facilitate the requirement on their corresponding Android version.

ToGoZip can be installed via F-Droid:

Install ToGoZip

RPN (Calculator)

An interesting app RPN is, for those who are unfamiliar, the acronym RPN stands for Reverse Polish notation – which basically means that the order of mathematical operations you make is reverse, that is you first type the numbers and then the operand.

For instance: instead of writing 1 + 2, in RPN you would 1 2 +, the result you’ll get will be 3 obviously.

Furthermore, the interface appears to be quite cartoon-ish, a fact which contributes to the app’s uniqueness.

RPN calculator

RPN calculator

RPN can be installed via Play Store:

Install RPN

All apps featured on this page are licensed under GPL license terms.