Popcorn Time Is Now Available For Android TV Platform

For the first time since the project has been launched Popcorn Time is now available to install on a variety of Android TV devices.

Updated Sep 16, 2016News
Popcorn Time for Android TV

In case this is the first time you hear about it, Popcorn Time is an open source project based on a ground breaking technology that uses torrent files in order to stream media (videos, music, etc) directly at your machine.

So far Popcorn Time was only available for desktops, tablets and smartphones (Android) platforms, yet thanks to recent efforts to broaden its reach, it’s now possible to run Popcorn Time on a range of Android TV devices as well.

Note the use of the word range. Since there are many kinds of Android TV devices on the market, Popcorn Time developers reminds us that the current is only the first version dedicated to run on the platform and it’s only a beta (version 0.1.0).

If you want to keep track of Popcorn Time for Android TV and perhaps even get involved in its development process, the following forum thread could be a great place to start.

Download Popcorn Time For Android TV

As always, the best place to find the latest version available for Android TV or any other specific platform is the official Popcorn Time project website.

As sv244 from Popcorn Time team says:

“It might take some difficult steps to install it the first time, but don’t worry: all future versions will be delivered to you automatically via updates, just like the smartphone version does.”

Have fun ;-)

Download Popcorn-Time For Android