PC-BSD 10 is finally Released !

Only ten days after its base OS (FreeBSD) has been released, PC-BSD 10, the most popular, user friendly BSD variant is finally seeing the light.  Currently available for download as a 64-bit DVD / USB  hybrid iso.

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pc-bsd 10.0

About two years have passed since PC-BSD 9.0 was released to the world and many has changed since then, let’s see what new features does the latest release has brought with it:

PC-BSD 10 Highlight Features

  • New desktops – Gnome 3, Mate (Replaces Gnome2) and Cinnamon.
  • FreeBSD 10.0 inside.
  • Updated KMS / AMD driver support.
  • Disk Manager – for managing ZFS pools, datasets, and options, added to Control Panel.
  • New text-based installer.
  • Rewritten Life Preserver GUI.
  • New login manager – PCDM, supports multiple desktops, keyboard layouts, and localization.
  • AMD/Intel and NVIDIA/Intel hybrid laptops – now supported and pre-detected.
  • Rolling update model – keeping packages up-to-date, now fine-tuned to allow for two different profiles.

As you can see a lot of new features has been added to PC-BSD 10.0, if you had hardware detecting issues when previously trying to install it on your machine, then, perhaps now is the right time for you to give it another try.

pc-bsd 10 about


In case you have the 9.2 version, ZFS and 64-bit as well, and would like to upgrade it, it’s also possible! backup your system first is advised,  then initiate the upgrade by copy pasting the following in Terminal as root.

# pc-updatemanager install fbsd-10.0-RELEASE

A full PC-BSD 10.0 review will soon be featured in iWillFolo, so stay tuned.



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