Vulkan™ – A Royalty Free Parallel Of DirectX 12 Is Now Version 1.0

A cross platform, royalty-free, API specification, Vulkan 1.0 enables developers highly-efficient access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs.

Updated Sep 20, 2017News
Vulkan 1.0

We should all probably expect improved performance when it comes to our computing experience in the near future.

With a special emphasis on 3D graphics, Vulkan API specification will let developers have much greater control over the utilization of our GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) which, in turn, should yield a better and smoother overall experience for the end user.

Vulkan VS Others

Being a cross platform API, Vulkan may work on wide verity of devices and platforms, granted that the suitable drivers are available, including Windows, Linux, Android and generally every platform that supports OpenGL ES 3.1 or OpenGL 4.X and up.

This separates Vulkan from its counterparts, be it Direct3D (DirectX 12) by Microsoft or Metal – for iOS and OS X by Apple, making it perhaps a preferable solution for developers who seek wide user range.

However, how does Vulkan compares to OpenGL – yet another cross-platform low-level API?

Actually both Vulkan and OpenGL are managed by the same none-profit consortium called Khronos Group, which basically explains the difference as OpenGL delegating more control to the drivers whilst Vulkan to the developers.

Vulkan vs OpenGL

Current Status

As of current, 30 drivers have already passed Vulkan’s conformance tests, meaning, these drivers all conform to Vulkan’s standards, among them are: Intel on Linux, Nvidia (Android 6.0, Linux and Windows 7 – 10), Qualcomm (Android 6.0), etc…

Other drivers are currently in review.