An Amazing Linux App Makes Your Desktop Integrate With Your Wallpaper

The following app has the ability to make your KDE desktop beautifully blend in with your wallpaper.

Jul 18, 2017Customization
Huen wallpaper-desktop integration app

A mere click of a button, that is all that’s needed for a new Plasma desktop app called Huen to make your desktop integrate with the current wallpaper you have on.

According to the app’s author, Huen simply generates Plasma colors from the current wallpaper.

And it does that by letting you chose from 3 different modes: Average, Peak and Resize.

After downloading and installing the app, it should be available under Applications > Settings inside Plasma’s start menu.

Once you launch the application, as can be seen in the video below, the app automatically picks up the current wallpaper set on your desktop, leaving you – the user – with the ability to chose one of the three options mentioned earlier which you can apply in order to reach the best integration level according to your own standards.

How To Install Huen

Just like using it, installing Huen should also be quite easy to master (of course, as we all know the Linux world is diverse so your mileage may vary). In any case, what you need to do in order to install it is:

1. Download Huen from here:


2. Extract the compressed file.

3. Launch Terminal and cd into the folder, e.g.

$: cd /home/YOUR-USERNAME/Downloads/

4. Execute the installation script:

$: sudo ./

That’s it! if everything went well you’ll be now able to launch it the menu or by issuing Huen in Terminal.

Note: Huen depends on Qt 5 and ImageMagick 6 to install.