3 Tweaks to Increase Xfce’s Performance & Visual Appeal

Updated Sep 29, 2016Editorials
Xfce default

3. Install Compiz Fusion

Even though Xfce comes with a composite manager of its own, I personally find it a bit lacking for 2 main reasons:

  1. When scrolling or doing anything which requires fast image-rendering it seems that the display is a bit stuttering and I found that by replacing the composite manager, performance can improve greatly.
  2. Xfce compositor supply you with a decent yet basic compositing features, if you’d like to add a little spicing to your desktop, Compiz is what your looking for.
    Stuff like rotating cube and windows being closed with a burst of fire are all Compiz properties.

Compiz effect

So, how to install it?

Well, if you’re on Ubuntu or one of its derivatives it’s most likely you already have it installed by default and all you have left to do is to install its settings manager CCSM (CompizConfig Settings Manager).

If you’re not on an Ubuntu derivative then you’ll need to install it yourself, by installing the following packages it’s most likely that all Compiz dependencies will be satisfied as well:

compiz-fusion, fusion-icon, ccsm

In any case, I would advise you to consult Compiz installation wiki just to make sure you’ll get things right on the first time.

Oh, and one last thing don’t enable Compiz before you’ve enabled: Window Decoration, Move Window, Resize Window, & Application Switcher inside CCSM, otherwise you’ll be stuck with frame-less immovable windows.