New GNOME Control Center Has Been Revealed! (Images + Video)

In case you’ve already gotten used-to to the default GNOME Settings and its icon grid view, you may want to ready yourself for a drastic change.

Jun 11, 2016News
GNOME control center

Under users radar, GNOME developers have started working on a new looks for the prominent [Gnome] Settings tool, which will now apparently be rebranded as [Gnome] Control Center.

But a new name is not the only thing it’s going to get, the tool where all the desktop environment settings are maneuvered is also about to go through a visual facelift as well.

As you can see in the screenshot and video attached, the new appearance is designed to put “list view” into some good use.

The effect of having a new default view will impact not only its visual side but also its functional as well, as it will finally allow the application to be resized just like any other application window out there.

In fact, one the main reasons behind the renovation is to make Control Center fit small and big screen sizes, out of the box.

Other benefits, according to GNOME, should be much improved interaction, i.e more intuitive to navigate, and also, thanks to an improved filtering box, the search function should make it easier to find things.

Gnome Control Center finally resizable

Gnome Control Center finally resizable

No doubt, on paper, it seems like a very welcomed modification, however, the way GNOME team will implement the new feature is going to have a crucial effect on users reception, I suspect.

Control Center Video Preview

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